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Our vision

Our story

EuroSolutions / subsidiary of 2V Industries, Inc., is a provider of chemical technologies that are proven to meet the “drastic “needs to assist in repairing, replenishing and restoring those facilities damaged by catastrophic events.

We pride ourselves in listening to our customers to support their requirements to supply the appropriate chemical technologies to bring normality back to a challenged situation.

We have built our offering on years of experience and understanding of the dynamically changing market place, from Local, State and Federal regulations and mandates.  These fluids are evaluated for health and safety long term of our customer and those that service this field.

Believe in EuroSolutions to provide your organization the “best in class” fluids to restore equipment, buildings to compliance and code

Mission and Vision Statement:

Euro Solutions technologies provides the fluids which will assist in accelerating the rate of recovery, as it supports contamination such as mold and mildew, smoke damage caused my fires and storm surge generated by water damage.

EuroSolutions is a highly motivated company and Our environmental and social policies govern the way we build our products, sustain our operations and work with our customers and our critical suppliers.

Our relationship is based on developing long term partnership allowing cross pollination of ideas. Allowing freedom of thoughts to provide valued added solutions. We have strict standards that guide how we do business, as well as those who do business with us.


EuroSolutions is located in the Midwest, in 40,000 square foot manufacturing facilities, with the appropriate packaging and shipping equipment to provide customers on time delivery.   

All orders will require an electronic footprint at orders@eurosolutions.us, if needed they can be faxed in at 248.624.1824.

Generally, lead time is 3-5 days for material to be processed/packaged and shipped by your preferred carrier.

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